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Fat Freezing Machine Sales & Franchise

HD Lipo Freeze is the UK’s premier brand of multifunction cold lipolysis technology and franchise opportunity.


Our flagship machine, the HD Lipo Freeze+ is capable of performing five separate cosmetic functions including fat freezing, cavitation, anti-cellulite vacuum rolling, tri-polar RF fat melting and radio frequency skin tightening. As a result, a single machine can be an efficient revenue generator for clinics and salons.


Our Nano machine is a compact and affordable and can perform up to two treatments per hour, making it a great tool for small clinics, salons and home users.


We also offer a range of bespoke franchise opportunity with unrivalled support, incentives and value for money. .

hd lipofrost machine
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VIVO Clinic
0% Interest

You can buy a fat freezing machine or franchise with our 0% interest finance option. For those individuals choosing the finance option we ask for a small deposit (subject to credit status) and monthly instalments set over a 12, 24 or 36-month period. Alternative finance options may be available. *Terms and conditions apply

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Private exhibitions can be held at any of our clinics for potential franchisees. Enquiries can be made by contacting: Mr. R Mason

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Who we are

HD Lipofreeze is the latest non-invasive method of body sculpting and reducing fat using the latest technology created and pioneered by the world’s leading medical affiliates. Here at HD Lipofreeze our two key aims are simple; to change appearances and change lives. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from such treatments in a safe, clinically proven and affordable way. In business terms, we also believe that smaller salons and those looking for a new career should be able to reap the benefits of this new and revolutionary process.


What we do

HD Lipofreeze work hand in hand with VIVO Clinics currently established in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool. The results are so good that our patients are left looking and feeling great. Beauty treatments included are fat reduction, inch loss, skin tightening, face lifts and cellulite reduction.

Before & After Photos


Results from our pioneering HD Lipo Freeze technology.


Before & After Photos


Results from our pioneering HD Lipo Freeze technology.

HD LipoFreeze

Learn more about the technology behind our machines.

VIVO Clinic

The HD LipoFreeze technology was created by the prestigious VIVO Clinic group,

HD Fat Freeze

The HD Fat Freeze technology safely cools treatment areas to sub-zero temperatures, killing the fat cells without damaging the skin.

Ultrasound Cavitation

This technology uses ultrasonic frequencies to disrupt stubborn fat cells, making it easier for them to be digested naturally.

HD Cellulite Smoother

The radio frequency applicators target cellulite, producing smoother, healthier looking skin.

Bi Polar RF Skin Tightening

The ultrasound applicators can be applied around the facial area in a relaxing painless procedure that visibly reduces the signs of aging.

Tri Polar RF Fat Melting

An advanced ultrasonic technology for disrupting fat cells.