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About HD Aesthetic Technologies

HD Aesthetic Technologies was established to create innovative technology for the cosmetic industry. We have created a range of machines that can deliver highly-effective cosmetic solutions to your customers.

When you buy a HD Aesthetic Technologies product,  you’re not just purchasing a machine, you’re buying an unrivalled level of support from an established UK company.

The popularity of non-surgical cosmetics is rising year on year. Our technology is the perfect solution for clinics and salons looking for a simple way to generate large revenues by offering services such as:

The range of machines that we offer allows us to provide our cutting-edge equipment to clinics and salons of all sizes.

We also offer bespoke franchise solutions to those who wish to trade under the name of the fastest growing clinic brand in the UK.

Proudly used by clinics all over the World


What makes us different?

  1. Innovative cosmetic technology at affordable prices
  2. Exceptional support from a UK company
  3. Thorough equipment training
  4. Marketing training, advice, and support
  5. HD Multi-Tech Machine and 360 Dual allows you to perform several different treatments
  6. Nano Cryolipolysis machine is portable and suitable for small clinics and salons
  7. HIFU Facelift and FemiWand from a single machine
  8. Free demonstration
  9. Flexible finance options available